Modern Foreign Languages

Bonjour tout le monde!


Lingotot Wakefield has gone LIVE ONLINE!! 

Our online French lessons at St Michael's start on Friday 27th March!

The free app. we are using is called Zoom. If you are using a phone or tablet to access the lesson, you’ll have to download the app. for free beforehand.  Make sure you ask your parents first.

A bit more about Zoom. The app is BLUE and WHITE. It's called Zoom Cloud Meetings. It allows us all to see each other as if we were in a class. 

You need to log on 5 minutes before you year group’s class is due to start, so that we’re all ready to go at the right time.

If you can, before the lesson, find a piece of paper, a dark felt tip or pen and something sensible you could use as an instrument (pan and spoon, salt shaker, pasta/rice in a plastic container or an instrument if you have one – although not sure a trombone would work!) If you'd like more work sending - please e-mail Bex, using the email below. 


 Updated Information for the last three weeks of term...

Year 3, 4 and 5 plus any key worker bubbles

Lesson Start Time: 11.30am

Must be online for: 11.25pm (you’ll be in a waiting room until I’ve finished with the Y3 lesson! Be patient!)


Password: BonjourBex


Year 6

Lesson Start Time: 1.30pm

Must be online for: 1.25pm (You'll be in a waiting room until I've finished with Y5 - be patient!)


Password: CiaoBex


Any questions - please contact Bex at



After the holidays we are going to be working every week on a 'Holiday phrase book.'  So by your next lesson, please can you follow this YouTube video and make your phrase book? Ready for the first week back...

You only need a plain piece of A4 paper and some scissors. 

Remember to keep trying to remember the words we've been learning this half term. 

Summer Phrase Book (Week One - 22nd May)

Un maillot de bain - Swimming Costume

Un chapeau de soleil - Sun hat

Les lunettes de soleil - Sunglasses

La piscine - swimming pool

Le soleil - sunshine

Il fait chaud - it's hot!


Summer Phrase Book (Week Two - 5th June)

Useful Phrase

Voulez-vous jouer/faire xxx avec moi? Would you like to play/do xxx with me?

Je joue...

au foot

au rugby

au tennis

au cricket

au basket

au volley

à la pétanque


Je fais...

du ski

de la natation

de la gymnastique

voler un cerf-volant

du bodyboard


Summer Phrase Book (Week Three)

Useful Phrase

L'addition s'il vous plaît - The bill please


Ou est....?

La boulangerie

Le café

Le supermarché

Le magasin

Le parc

La musée

La piscine

La plage


Summer Phrase Book (Week Four)

Allez tout droit

Tournez à gauche

Tournez à droite


Disney Songs by Bex

Let It Go - Frozen

How Far I'll Go - Moana