Welcome to Little Learners. Our team are looking forward to playing and learning with you and your child.


(2 year old offer)

We have Vacancies in our provision.  Please read the information below.


Children can start our nursery the term after their 2nd birthday. 

We provide term time childcare in the following structure:


Our Session Times

Morning Session:

8:30 am - 11:30 Am

Afternoon Session:

12:15 pm - 3:15 pm

free or Funded Places

At our St Michael's Little Learners' provision, we offer places to families who have entitlement to free places based on an application for funding.  If you meet the criteria to be eligible for free funding, you will have received a letter from Wakefield Council.

If you think that you may be eligible for a funded place there are a number of ways to check.  Please contact the council and ask them to direct you to the office that deals with 2 Year Old Funding.

Children who are eligible for these sessions are able to take the 15 hour free entitlement across morning or afternoons.

If you are interested in a nursery place for your child please come down to our provision for a look around or ring us on 

01924 207347 or email:  drace@stmichaelsceacademy.org.uk

Please look at our website below to find out more about what we do and who works in our provision.



Two -year -old progress check

  • All 2 year old children who attend our setting will have a developmental check between their second and third birthday. It will happen jointly with parents/carers, the child’s key person and their health visitor.
  • The check helps the child’s key person to focus on the child’s progress. It will also help parents/carers with ideas to keep chatting, playing and reading with their child at home.
  • Parents/Carers will receive a written summary about how their child is learning and developing. 


 "I am happy with Little Learners and she always comes out full of smiles"

 "So proud of how much she has achieved at been at Little Learners. Little Learners has been amazing"

 "We are very happy that our child goes to Little Learners and has very good teachers"

 "I'm very happy with the way he has settled in at Little Learners, since he has started his speech is a lot better and he has become a lot more independent"

 "I am very pleased she has grown in confidence since starting Little Learners. I am pleased with how Little Learners has affected   her in such a positive way"

 "I a really happy with all the support and care"

 "Since coming to Little Learners she has come on leaps and bounds, very pleased with her progress"

Donna Bedford - Early Years Assistant
Donna Bedford - Early Years Assistant
Debbie Race - Childcare Manager
Debbie Race - Childcare Manager
Carole Hill - Early Years Assistant
Carole Hill - Early Years Assistant

In Little Learners, we support each child and their individual needs to support their development and learning. Different children will engage in different ways and with the help, support and guidance of skilled staff, every child has the potential to thrive and achieve. We offer a safe indoor and outdoor space where your child can develop curiosity, learn and explore. Our indoor space offers a variety of stimulating activities including a creative table and a painting easel, sand and water trays, small world and construction area, home corner and a cosy reading area. Our outdoor space allows children to extend their inquisitiveness further come rain or shine. 

Our Early Years curriculum ensures all children have the ability to access a variety of carefully well planned activities. We cover all 7 areas of development:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Communication and Language Development

Physical Development



Understanding of the World

Expressive Arts and Design

'In the Moment' planning ensures every child's interests and experiences are supported so they can show a high level of involvement in an enabling environment. Having a strong partnership with parents allows children to have a secure base from which they can shine and has a positive impact on a child's well-being, learning and development. 

Children and their families gain a wide variety of advantages within the 2 year offer. Children develop self help skills, self confidence and gain independence which allows a smoother transition onto the next stage of their natural progression of learning. Parents also begin to build a strong relationship with the school community.