Start and end of the day procedures



Start of the day:

  • Gates will open at 8.35 am (right after the caretaker puts up the barriers to the school gates)
  • The caretaker will ensure that children do not go onto the Trim Trail unsupervised.
  • We ask parents to keep out of the central area of the playground – inside the road markings.
  • Whistle must be blown at 8.50 am.
  • Year 1 will be collected at the gate to their enclosed area.
  • Year 2, 3 and 5S will be collected at the same place as normal.
  • Year 4 will be collected at the blue container.
  • Years 5 and 6 will be collected by their classroom doors (except 5S).


  • Parents and children come into Nursery through the Nursery cloakroom door at the start of Nursery sessions
  •  The door will be locked after all parents have left.

Other classes

  • Teacher on duty blows the whistle at 8.50am
  • Children line up on the playground


  • Children line up with parents at the small fence and gate.
  • Enter school with parents to the Reception cloakroom and classroom.

Main playground gate

  • Children arriving slightly late can be encouraged to get into school before the doors close at 9.00 am.
  • Parents can be encouraged to leave the playground so the gate can be shut
  • Any children arriving after all doors are shut and the gate is closed, will need to go to the main office

End of the day:

  • All parents are asked to wait behind the road markings on the playground.
  • All classes  dismissed at 3.15 pm 
  • All Year 5 and 6 Classes can be dismissed straight from the classroom. They can make their own way home or find their parent in the playground if a younger sibling is being collected. 
  • Parents collecting Y5 and Y6 pupils can wait in the container playground.
  • Year 4 children will be dismissed from the container area. Y4 parents will be encouraged to wait in the container playground.