Welcome to PE and Sport

Welcome to our PE and Sports Page

Here at St Michael's, we offer a varied, year round sporting curriculum to all of our pupils. Every pupil is provided with 2 hours of PE and Dance throughout the week as well as countless opportunities to join extra curricular clubs

Our resident Sports Leader, Mr Stott, delivers all of our PE lessons for years 1-6 as well as many of our extra curricular clubs, whether that be lunchtime or after school.  

To deliver our dance lessons, we bring in highly qualified and professional dance teachers from Yew Tree Dance Company. 

In Year 5, our pupils are given the opportunity to learn and develop their swimming skills! Each class goes to Sun Lane Leisure Centre for an hour lesson every week. 

We are a Gold Mark School!

Last year we achieved the Gold mark in the Your School Games awards! 


The School Games Mark is a government led awards scheme launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. This process allows schools to evaluate their PE provision and assists them in developing an action plan for future progress.


This year, because of the pandemic, we have retained our Gold mark without having to complete the year as normal. Next year, we will be going for this accolade again. 

West Yorkshire Virtual Sports Day - Tuesday 7th July. Watch the opening ceremony (https://www.youtube.com/user/WestYorkshireSport) live at 10:00am to find out about the day. Take part at home and upload your scores.

ACES virtual competitions

Due to school closures, we can't continue our usual competition calendar, but don't worry! Each week there is a different challenge to complete - see below. Send the score to us and then see if, as a school, we can beat the other schools in our cluster. Have fun with these challenges but remember to take part safely, warm up and make sure an adult is with you to count and time your attempt.

Week 4 (29th June - 3rd July)

Seated Volleyball tap

How many times can you tap the balloon in the air from a seated position? Have as many attempts as you want but send us your best score!

Here are the time limits:

Reception: 45 seconds

Years 1/2: 40 seconds

Years 3/4: 35 seconds

Years 5/6: 30 seconds

Adults: 25 seconds


Watch the video to see how to do it:


Week 1 (8th - 12th June)

 Lateral jump

How many times can you jump sideways across a set distance in 30 seconds? Have as many attempts as you want but send us your best score!

Here are the distances:

Reception: 15cm

Years 1/2: 30cm

Years 3/4: 45cm

Years 56/: 60cm

Adults: 75cm


Watch the video to see how to do it:


Week 5 (6th - 10th July)


 How quickly can you sprint? Measure the correct distance and time yourself! Have as many goes as you like but send us your best time!

Here are the distances:

Reception: 10 metres

Years 1/2: 15 metres

Years 3/4: 17.5 metres

Years 5/6: 20 metres

Adults: 25 metres


Watch the video to see how to do it:


Week 2 (15th - 19th June)

Cricket skills

How many passes round your body or catches can you complete in 30 seconds? Have as many attempts as you want but send us your best score!

Here are the challenges:

Reception: Pass around the body

Years 1/2: Figure or eight with the ball through your legs

Years 3/4: Throw the ball up with your dominant hand and catch it in two hands

Years 5/6: Throw the ball up with your weaker hand and catch it in two hands

Adults: Throw and catch with one hand


Watch the video to see how to do it:


Week 3 (22nd - 26th June)

Benchball pass

How many underarm, overarm or chest passes can you complete in 30 seconds? Use 3 bean bags or balled up socks. The distance is 2.1m (210cm) from where you stand to where you throw. Have as many goes as you want but send us your best score!

Here are the target areas:

Reception: 4 pieces of A4 paper

Years 1/2: 3 pieces of A4 paper

Years 3/4: 2 pieces of A4 paper

Years 5/6: 1 piece of A4 paper

Adults: half a piece of A4 paper


Watch the video to see how to do it:


Activities to do at home

With everyone being at home, it's important to stay active, fit and healthy. If you're unsure how to do this, why not follow some of these great instruction videos for lots of basic skills in different sports? You can do them inside and outside, so get some sunlight (vitamin D) and fresh air while you work.

Your parents can join in with lots of these as well, and it can often be a good idea to have them around in case you need their help with anything.


Make sure you warm up properly before each session so you don't injure yourself. For a good warm up routine, follow this link:



Enjoy staying active, fit and healthy, as well as learning some new skills.

Blue Peter Sport Badge

If you want to challenge yourself to learn a new skill or sport, why not combine it with earning a Blue Peter badge at the same time? If you take up a new sport for 10 minutes a day for 5 days, you can win one of these new badges for 2020. Click the link to find out more:



HIIT workouts

Everybody knows about Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) and his workouts! He has a great range of activities to try so head to his YouTube channel and find one that suits you.



Dance workouts

If you can keep up with these two ladies, you can be very proud of yourself!




This is a great introduction to yoga for children. Learn how to breathe, stretch and strengthen your body.



Make sure you have warmed up properly and there is an adult near to you in case you need help with balance or support.








The Splits




Here are some basic tennis skills to practise at home.

No racket needed


Racket Skills





Other ideas

  •  Bounce the ball against the floor with your racket, like you would with a basketball. See how many you can do and how fast you can go.
  • Do 'keepie uppies' with the racket, turning the racket over after each hit.
  • If you have a partner, try hitting the ball softly to each other at a short distance, starting close together and gradually moving further away.
  • Hit the ball with your partner but this time let the ball bounce once. Stand closer or further back depending on how much space you have or how well you're doing. Don't try to hit it too hard.
  • If you have a wide wall space to play against, use that as your partner. Try different ways of hitting the ball - forehand and backhand, volley, one bounce, two bounces.


For these football skills, you need a ball and 4 objects to make a 1 metre square area. That's it! Follow each step to practise your close control of the ball. Can you stay inside the square?



Here are three drills that you can do to improve your skills. They need a bit more space than the first video, and the first one needs somewhere to shoot at. If you haven't got space to shoot, move on to skill 2 and 3. They look at dribbling and fitness.



This video has 100 different drills! Some need no space and some need more so pick the ones that suit you and have a go!



Try some of these individual skills. Some will be difficult for people with small hands!



12 minute of handling skills - you only need a 1 metre area to do these drills in.


Other useful links



Learn a dance to Can't Stop the Feeling:



Learn some disco funk with this video:



Follow along to Dance Monkey:


Pentathlon (Athletics)

Swimming (oh yes!)

Sports Leaders

Our year 5 and 6 sports leaders are on the playground every break and lunchtime, providing activities and games for others to take part in. They receive great training from Mr Stott and are rewarded with trips to see professional sport if they show fantastic effort, teamwork and communication skills.


Here are a few places we have visited with our Sports Leaders:

Headingley stadium for a World Cup cricket match.

Liverpool Echo Arena for the Netball World Cup.

Sheffield Arena to see the Sheffield Steelers Ice Hockey team.


If you want the chance to go to places like this, make sure you take the opportunity when you are in year 5 and 6 and show us what you are capable of.


Here at St Michael's, we have been partnering up with a variety of sports clubs outside of school to help improve and sustain participation in sport for our pupils. If your son or daughter has ever expressed an interest in joining a sports club outside of school, then maybe you'll find some useful contacts in our partners. 


Wakefield St Michaels 

  • Winter Nets @ Lightwaves Leisure Centre
  • Starts Fri 25th Jan @ 6PM
  • U9s Coach - Ash Hale - ashhale01@gmail.com 07913119756


Dance With Chloe

West Yorkshire Theatre Dance Company


Thornes Juniors

  • 6-11 Year Olds - David Sutcliffe 07538 897249
  • d.j.sutcliffe@hotmail.com
  • 12-18 Year Olds -  Gavin Simpkins 07966619762
  • gavtjfc@gmail.com 

Durkar Devils Girls


Normanton Knights Girls

  • U12 - Chris 07704301346
  • Taster session on the 22nd March with Wakefield Trinity 
  • Twitter

Stanley Rodillians


If you would love to be partnered with St Michael's then please contact Mr Stott - alexstott@acesportuk.co.uk

After School Clubs

After School Clubs run from 3:15-4:15 and pupils should be picked up from the main doors on the playground. 
Our sporting after school clubs for the next term will run from the 4th November until 6th December and are as below;

Monday 1/2 Football
Tuesday 5/6 Hockey
Wednesday 5/6 Girls' and Boys' Football (Mr Stott and Mr Butcher)


(Mrs Walker)

Thursday 3/4 Tag Rugby


All clubs are run by Mr Stott (unless otherwise stated) and are absolutely FREE!!!





Pupils at St Michael's have the chance to represent the school at the sporting competitions we attend. Our teams are selected from the pupils attending the corresponding after school clubs so don't forget to bring back those slips!

Date Sport Year Result
24.9 Cross Country 3/4/5/6 Rained off
8.10 Tag Rugby 5/6 3rd
12.11 Indoor Athletics (boys) 5/6 3rd
19.11 Indoor Athletics (girls) 5/6


3.12 Football (boys and girls) 5/6

Boys: 2nd

Girls: 2nd

? Indoor Athletics (Wakefield Finals) 5/6 N/A
4.2 Hockey 5/6 7th
11.2 Sportability 3/4/5/6 4th
? Cross Country (Wakefield finals) 3/4/5/6 Rained off
3.3 Netball 5/6 3rd
? Cross Country (West Yorkshire Finals) 3/4/5/6 N/A
28.4 Dodgeball 3/4
19.5 Cricket 5/6
16.6 Benchball 3/4