Welcome to Year 4!

Meet the Staff


Mrs Berry

This year will be my 25th year of teaching - I know it's hard to believe as I look so youthful!! ;) I love working at St Michael's; the staff are so passionate about providing the best for all our wonderful children and it is truly a pleasure to come to work every day. I love teaching all subjects and helping the children reach their full potential. This past year has been a real challenge but I'm sure it is one that we will be able to move on from and achieve bigger and better things in the future. 

Miss Young

Hi, my name is Miss Young. Although I have worked at St Michael's for many years, this is my first year as Teaching Assistant. So far I am loving it ❤. I get great pleasure in working alongside the children and seeing them learn during their school day. Outside of school, I enjoy going to the gym, caring for my many pets and spending time with my family.


Miss Law

Before joining St Michael's I spent many years working abroad, however, I always felt a pull to return to the UK and my teaching career: it remains the best decision I ever made.

I now get to spend my days supporting the learning of young minds and there is no greater satisfaction than see their knowledge grow and them thriving in new situations.  It is always a pleasure to see the children develop.
When not teaching my time is dedicated to my young daughter and exploring new places as a family.

Mrs Purcell

I am one of class 4LP's teachers. I have worked at St. Michael's my whole teaching career. I now work part-time, after having my little girl last year. Our school is a truly brilliant place to teach, with such wonderful children! I feel lucky to be part of such a special school community which is filled with lots of love and learning! 

Miss Madeley


Weekly overview

4LP's Timetable 

4DB's Timetable

Welcome Meetings




This half-term our English lessons will focus on: The Adventures of Odysseus and The Ironman.

Our lessons will focus on developing our key comprehension skills, writing letters in role, scripts and a balanced argument. 


Useful websites for English:


Use the spelling mats below to help practise words expected for the end of KS2. Remember you can do this in lots of fun ways too! Look at the images for some imaginative ways to do this!


This half-term our Maths will focus on: Subtraction & multiplication

This half-term our KIRF focus is: 9 and 11 multiplication facts


Useful websites for Maths:


Four operations

The below images show how we teach the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication & divisions. 

The images show example questions with a pictorial to go alongside this. 

Wider Curriculum

This half-term our topic is: Wakefield: A local study. This will focus on the history of Wakefield and how it has changed in the last 200 years. 

In Science we are studying: Sound

In this unit we will be learning about: how instruments make sound, how we hear, pitch and volume. 

In Computing we will be learning to:

  • Create, host and play an online quiz about the Roman Empire 
  • Create and share songs through experiments 

In Art we will be looking at sculptures. We will study Paul Klee and look at the puppets made by him, before learning how to make our own sculptures and the different techniques to do this. 

Useful websites for the Wider curriculum:

Download the powerpoint to learn and practise our Easter production songs over the half-term holidays. 

The words for all of our Easter songs are attached below. Please start to practise these over the half-term holidays.