BREAKING NEWS: TTRS battle into the fianl day - which class will finish first?

BREAKING NEWS: Try the new weekly PE challenge - how quickly can you sprint 17.5 metres? 

School closure information

In these unprecedented times, we want to help you think of learning opportunities, as well as fun, physical activities, for the children to do. Have a scroll through this page to see some ideas we have come up with.

Setting up a weekly timetable can be a great way to organise the week and keep everybody busy. We have tried to break the days down into different activities to really help add structure. We have tried to keep the sessions fun, supportive and short - we appreciate the difficulty of working at home rather than at school. Each day there is some maths, English and then a foundation subject. MAKE SURE YOU ONLY DO THE WORK FOR THE CORRECT DAY AND DATE - DON'T GET AHEAD OF YOURSELF!

Perhaps your day could look like this:

  1. Joe Wicks + cool down - 9:00 - 10:00am
  2. Maths lesson - 10:00 - 10:45am
  3. Break - 10:45 - 11:15am
  4. English lesson - 11:15 - 12:00pm
  5. Lunch - 12:00 - 1:00pm
  6. Afternoon lesson - 1:00 - 2:00pm
  7. Outdoor activity (check PE page) 2:00 - 3:00pm -
  8. Amazon audio book/Read Theory/Quiet reading - 3:00 -3:30pm

  • Links to Amazon audio books, Read Theory and Oxford Owl online books (all free to sign up to) are further down the page.
  • Remember to keep active - find the PE page on the website to see great ideas for sports and exercise.
  • We are also using Purple Mash for some activities like spelling and computing. Here is the link to log on:

If nothing else, encourage your children to read for at least 10 minutes a day. It doesn't have to be a book (magazine, recipe, online articles, comic) but keeping it fresh in their minds is going to really help them.


Parents - is your child's letter formation getting you down? Do they need some extra help with it? Don't know where to turn? If this is you, scroll down the page until you get to the new handwriting guide - a series of videos to help your children get back on track, and turn their handWRONGing into handRIGHTing.

Virtual PE Challenges

As we can't take part in any real life competitions, ACES (our PE provider and organiser of cluster competitions) has put together some virtual challenges for us to do at home. Have a go at each challenge as many times as you like, record your best score and then email it (on Purple Mash) to Mr Butcher or Mrs Berry by 1:00 pm on Friday. Let's see if all our scores combined will win us each week's competition against all the other schools in our cluster!


This week, it's a sprinting activity. How quickly can you sprint 17.5 metres? Have as many goes as you like. Send your fastest time into Mr Butcher or Mrs Berry.

Watch Kyle Dench in the video to see how to do this challenge:

Monday 13th July

Maths - StarterTimes Tables Rock Stars

Make sure you use the Garage setting.

 Maths - Main taskFollow this link and find today's maths lesson.

It's a great website to use for lots of different lessons, and if you are struggling, just look at the year 3 daily maths lesson to build up to the year 4 lesson.

Now have a go at this worksheet. If you can't print it off, answer the questions in your school book.

English - Starter - log on to Purple Mash to practise the weekly spellings (check your 2dos).


English - Main task - Inference

Watch the video from BBC Bitesize and remind yourself what inference means.

Now complete the inference task below - remember to use evidence in your answers. 

Download the document to see it better.

PSCHE -  Transition to year 5

It's been a very different final term this year but it's still important to look back over the year and reflect on what you have achieved, as well as look forward to a fresh start next year.

Download the document below and complete the three different boxes. Think carefully about each one and be honest with yourself.

If you can't download and print the document, just write them down in your green book or on any other paper you have. Discussing them with an adult can be very useful as well.

Tuesday 14th July

Maths - StarterTimes Tables Rock Stars

Make sure you play on the Garage setting.


Maths - Main task -

 Follow this link and find today's maths lesson.

After the lesson, complete the sheet below. If you can't print it off, answer the questions in your school book.

English - Starter - Spelling practice.

Look, cover, write, check. You don't have to print the sheet out, but use the same idea.

English - Main task - Recipe scanning

 Read the text below and then scan through to find the answers to the questions! You can keep looking back at the text to find the answer - it's isn't a memory test or a guessing task.

Maybe you could make it for tea for your parents afterwards???

Art River Drawing

Try drawing this beautiful river scene. You cn=an use crayons, pastils, paints or felt tip pens to create different effects!

Wednesday 15th July

Maths - Starter - Times Tables Rock Stars

Make sure you play on the Garage setting.

Maths - Main task - Follow this link and find today's maths lesson.

After the lesson, complete the sheet below. If you can't print it off, answer the questions in your school book.

English - Starter

Look further down the page to see this week's spellings and practise them a few times each, ready for Friday's test. If you don't know the meaning of any, make sure you look them up in the dictionary. 


English - Main task  - Job advert scanning

Read through the text and  then answer the questions. Remember to keep looking back at the text to find the answers - don't just guess or try to remember without looking.

Computing - Coding

Log onto Purple Mash to find this week's coding challenges. Can you complete them all?

Try some typing sessions if you want some extra work to do! They're in the Computing section.

Why not try some art challenges as well? Learn how to control the mouse by using paint to colour in different pictures.

Thursday 16th July

Maths Starter - Log onto to TTRS for 10  minutes and practise those tables!

Maths - Main task - follow the link to today's lesson:

English - Starter - practise these spellings in your green book. Use the handwriting lines to help. These have been written on the whiteboard with a pen so are neater than they have been for the last few weeks!

English - Main task  -  Letter writing

Write a letter to yourself in ten years time. Think about how different the last 4 months have been to normal and try to describe all the changes that have happened. It will be very interresting to look back on this when you're 18/19 years old and remember back to when you were in lockdown!

Think about yourself in 10 years as well - what do you hope to be doing? Where do you hope to be living?

There is a success criteria below for you to follow - can you use everything from it?

English - Main task - Success Criteria 


Capital letters, full stops, adjectives


Paragraphs, adverbs of manner, conjunctions


Fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases, prepositions


If you're unsure of any of these terms, look them up on this BBC Bitesize page:

History - Pompeii

Have you heard of the Roman city of Pompeii? No? Maybe that's because it's not there anymore! Watch these videos to find out what happened:


Afterwards, you could:

  • Write a diary as a person living in Pompeii at the time
  • Research Mount Vesuvius
  • Create a collage/sketch/painting of the city or the volcano
  • Research more about the city before this event
  • Anything else you can think of to do with this topic!

Friday 17th July

Maths - Starter - Arithmetic test.

We've finished the summer tests so let's recap the Autumn ones and see how well you do with them! This is a good way to see progress you have made.

Arithmetic test answers

Maths - Main task - It's challenge day on BBC Bitesize so follow the link to find out what's in store for you today!

English - spelling test. If there is more than one word in the sentence, follow the below script twice - once for each word.



1) "The word is _________"

2) Read sentence, including the word.

3) "The word is _________"

French - Log on at 11:25, ready for the 11:30 start.

The password for this is:


Science -   This week's activity sheet is all about different liquids - have fun!



Try to get out and about as much as you can - play games, play outside, talk to your friends on the phone, bake, do some gardening, help your parents, be nice to your brothers and sisters, phone your grandparents, have a bike ride, go for a walk, play sport in the garden.


Go to the PE page on this website to find lots of great ideas for how to play different sports in a small space with very little equipment.

Weekly spellings











Cloud watching 

There are different types of cloud in the sky - not just white, grey or black, small, medium or big! Have a look at this website and video to see different types:

Now, spend some time lying back outside, staring up at the sky.

Can you spot different types of cloud? 

Can you see any shapes in them?

Can you create a story from the shapes you see?

Which is your favourite shape?

Handwriting sessions


Series 1

Part 1 - c

Part 2 - a

Part 3 - d

Part 4 - g

Part 5 - q/o

Part 6 - combinations

Series 2

Part 1 - i/u

Part 2 - y

Part 3 - j

Part 4 - p

Part 5 - combinations

Series 3

Part 1 - l/t

Part 2 - h

Part 3 - b

Part 4 - k

Part 5 - combinations

Part 6 - combinations

Series 4

Part 1 - r

Part 2 - n

Part 3 - m

Part 4 - combinations

Help and assistance

If you need any help at all, the children can contact Mrs Berry or Mr Butcher through their Purple Mash 2email accounts. We are always setting tasks and looking at ways we can assist you at home so please send a Purple Mash email if you need any support or have any questions. Even if you're all sorted, it would just be nice to hear from you to find out how you're getting on and share what you've been up to.

Keep yourselves safe and stay in touch with each other as safely as possible. Remember to follow all the government's advice.

Purple Mash log in:

Music ideas

Check out this website for music themed games!


Fancy learning the ukulele? Watch these videos!


Parents will remember Mylene Klass from the pop band Hear'say. Here she is providing music lessons with her two children:


Finally, keep checking our Twitter page for new and exciting activities to do. All sorts of people are posting their ideas and resources and it's a great way to vary what you're doing at home.

Reading activities

Amazon has released FREE audio books to listen to! Have a look through what they have to offer! 


Oxford Owl is the reading scheme we use at school. They have, amazingly, put hundreds of reading books online FOR FREE! Make use of this great resource and read some ebooks by following the link. You will need to register before you can access the books.


Sign up to ReadTheory to read different texts and answer questions based on your ability. You'll take an initial test to see your reading age and then go from there!

Science ideas

Drawing with Rob

Follow the link to take you to a great instruction video! Can you draw Penguin Blue??

Maths, English and Science websites


Watch Dave Cooper talk about all sorts of historical topics in these funny, entertaining videos!

Other resources

Maths with Carol Vorderman

Remember Carol Vorderman, the maths whizz from Countdown? Well, she has her own website with lessons! Follow the link to find out more!