Welcome to Year 5

Mr Butcher (class teacher)

I have been teaching for 6 years now and love every day! I have taught in Year 5, Year 4 and now back to Year 5. I am a very sporty person and play cricket in the summer and badminton in the winter. I also coach the Under 11 team at my cricket club - it's good fun to impart some knowledge and experience onto the younger generation of players.

Away from school and sport, I enjoy reading, going for walks and doing small DIY tasks.


Mrs Preston (teaching assistant)

I have worked at St Michael's for almost 5 years. My hobbies include reading, visiting places of interest and cooking; although my baking needs improvement.

My 6 year old keeps me busy and in our spare time my family enjoy wild camping. No campsites, no electricity... just the bare minimum and we LOVE it! 

Miss Shaw (class teacher)

 I joined the St Michael's team in September. Despite not being here long, I love the St Michael's family! I love all subjects but my favourites are P.E and Maths. 

I am a very sporty person and used to play Football against many different teams across the UK, however now I like to train in the gym regularly to keep fit. In addition, I love travelling and last February I had a 3 week trip to Thailand and Bali, which was AMAZING! 

Miss Major (teaching assistant)

I have worked in school for 18 years and really enjoy working with the children that attend our fabulous school.

At home I enjoy gardening. My partner and I grow all our own vegetables and flowers. As you can imagine, we then enjoy cooking and eating our own produce that we have lovingly tended and grown.

I have two pets: Ruby is a Springador and Charlie Cat is a very naughty 3 month old Tortie kitten.

Keep working hard all of you. See you soon!

Year 5 timetable ----->



Seesaw for Home Learning

We are going to be using a new website and app for our home learning from half term onwards. See the instructions for how to access it across the page.

The children will be given the details of how to log in at school and bring them home. Work will be uploaded by the teachers, completed by the children and then teachers able to comment on completed work. Homework will be added on here weekly, including spellings and KIRFs (Key Instant Recall Facts) for maths.

Watch the Year 5 welcome video here!




























 Use the correct link to login to the French lesson. There is no password.

5B - 11:05am



5S - 11:45am







Weekly themes

Word of the week:

conscious (year 5/6 spelling list)


PSHCE/Drama theme:

Rights and Responsibilities


This half term's topics and useful websites 


This half-term our English lessons will focus on: The Saga of Eric the Viking

Our lessons will focus on developing our key comprehension skills, writing different pieces in role, descriptive recounts and writing debates. 


Useful websites for English:


Use the spelling mats below to help practise words expected for the end of KS2. Remember you can do this in lots of fun ways too! Look at the images for some imaginative ways to do this!

Words of the week

Talk to your child about the words of the week. Model how to use it in a sentence, encourage your child to use it. 


This half-term our Maths will focus on: Number and Place Value 

This half-term our KIRF focus is: ALL times table facts up to 12 x 12.


Useful websites for Maths:

White Rose Maths are providing videos and maths worksheets to complete at home. Use this link to reach their homepage: 


Four operations

The below images show how we teach the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication & divisions. 

The images show example questions along with a pictorial to go alongside this. 

Wider Curriculum

This half-term our topic is: Anglo Saxons.This will focus on developing our chronological knowledge of events in Britain, how the Saxons took over after the Romans and how 'great' King Alfred was. 

View the curriculum mat below to see all our enquiry questions and key knowledge.

In Science we are studying: What is science?

In this unit we will be learning about what a scientist looks like, what they do and what an investigation looks like.

The key question page and curriculum mat below can be used to help you focus on key learning of this topic with your child.

In Computing we will be creating our own quizzes. We will use the scratch software to input images, create algorithms and add scoring variables. 

Use the website below to register for FREE to allow your child to practise their skills at home.


Useful websites for the Wider curriculum: