Welcome to Year 5

Miss Parkin (class teacher)

I have been teaching for 7 years now and absolutely love working with children in our school. Outside of school I love finding new books to read, particularly ones I can share with the children at school. I also love the outdoors and enjoy going cycling & running most weeks! Even though I'm better at Maths, I love teaching English. The feeling of being hooked into a book and not being able to put it down is just priceless!


Mrs Preston (teaching assistant)


Miss Kemshell (class teacher)


Miss Major (teaching assistant)


This half-term our English lessons will focus on: 

Our lessons will focus on developing our key comprehension skills and writing different pieces in role.



This half-term our Maths will focus on: Negative numbers, addition, subtraction, statistics, line graphs & tables.

This half-term our KIRF focus is: on times tables. 

This includes: multiplication and division facts up to 12x12, squared/squared roots and cubed/cubed roots.


Use Times table Rockstar to help you improve your times table knowledge!



Wider Curriculum

This half-term our topic is: War through the ages.

This will focus on developing our knowledge and understanding of wars throughout time and give us chance to develop and improve our History & Geography skills. 

In Science we are studying: Super Scientists. 

In this unit we will be carrying out lots of investigations and using these to help us develop our own lines of enquiry to answer. 

In Computing we will be creating our own podcasts. We will listen to and evaluate different podcasts, before recording, editing & publishing our own. 


This year we have been focussing on resolving conflict. In our drama sessions we have created scenarios to try to understand how to deal with conflict. 


This year's trips & visitors....