At St Michael’s CE Academy, we believe that mathematics teaches us how to make sense of the world around us through developing a child's ability to calculate, to reason and to solve problems and our maths curriculum is designed to provide children with the opportunity to develop this in order to prepare them for the wide variety of problem-solving opportunities that they will encounter in their lives.

Maths this year will foster positive attitudes, fascination and excitement of discovery through the teaching and learning of mathematical concepts. We will use a wide range of models, visual manipulatives and practical resources to develop a deep conceptual understanding alongside procedural fluency and we will broaden children’s knowledge and understanding of how mathematics is used in the wider world by making rich and varied real life connections through links with the wider curriculum. Our children will confidently reason about their mathematics, using a suitable range of mathematical language, recognising its importance for communication and deep thinking and will have a ‘can do’ attitude, especially when problem solving.

Teachers will foster children’s independence by giving them the time to have a go, make mistakes and learn from them – the emphasis is on depth and challenge rather than accelerating through the content. Through this vision we are passionate and fully committed to developing a balance between the children’s procedural fluency and a conceptual understanding. To support our Mathematics teaching we use White Rose Maths.